Bill Cullen
Bill Cullen

A Little History of the Cullen Brothers

The Cullen Brothers started their business in June of 1997 incorporating as Synor Homes and Properties. The business was started by two brothers:  Bill and John Cullen.  Shortly thereafter, in 1998 Richard Cullen joined with his brothers. 

The company’s original name, Synor, was our grandfather’s name and is prevalent in our family’s history. As the business developed, we noticed many mispronounced the name Synor and a result we filed for a trade name of Cullen Custom Homes. 

The company remained this way until January of 2011 when the brothers took advantage of the favorable tax status of an LLC and as a result, Cullen Brothers, LLC was then formed.

Richard Cullen
Richard Cullen

Cullen Brothers, LLC has been building custom homes throughout the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area since its inception.

The business was and still is today, very successful and we have established many satisfied customers. Since our origination many of our former customers have become repeat customers and they have requested us to return and perform such items as:

  • Additions
  • Porches
  • Deck expansions
  • Basements
  • etc.

This request from our former customers created the need for us to expand our business into remodeling.

Today, 24 years after starting our business, we are actively involved in both remodeling and new custom home construction.  We self perform many phases of construction and we have been recognized for our: Carpentry skill, Craftsmanship and Attention to detail.