How to Create The Perfect Breakfast Nook to Start Every Day Off Right

Posted on: December 1, 2013

When you wake up in the morning, there's nothing better than being able to start the day by enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea. While it may be as little as ten minutes before your phone starts ringing or one of your children needs your attention right away, even having that small window of time to gather your thoughts for the day can help put you on a successful path. 

Although you can technically sit anywhere and enjoy a cup of your favorite hot beverage, it's nice to have an area that's specifically designed for that purpose. The good news is if you're planning on having a custom home built, you can get that exact area by ensuring that a breakfast nook is included in the design of your home. And even if you're not currently in the process of building a new home, you may still be able to carve out at least a small space for this purpose. 

So, what exactly makes a great breakfast nook? Even though the answer to that question ultimately comes down to your personal preferences, there are three components that most people agree really make this space a spot where you can look forward to spending a little time every morning: 

Natural Light 

This is the feature that can make or break a breakfast nook. Regardless of the specific view, being able to look outside and see even just a little bit of nature helps to create a soothing start to the day. Additionally, since the sun's rays are probably just starting to peek out when you first get up, having large windows that allow natural light to filter in will really help you to feel fully awake within just a matter of minutes. Another benefit of opting for sizable windows is even if you want to keep this space fairly basic, interesting windows will ensure it still has plenty of visual appeal.

Comfortable Seating 

Just because you can't stay in bed all day doesn't mean you want to force yourself to sit somewhere uncomfortable. Instead, you want seating that won't put any strains on your body. The two most popular types of seating for a breakfast nook are standard chairs and booths. If you opt for the latter, an added benefit is you'll be able to place plenty of comfy pillows around this seating area. 

Ample Table Space 

While you may only have a cup of coffee or tea during the week, it can be nice to actually eat in this spot on the weekends. Plus, since you never know when you may want to hang out with your laptop in front of you, it's definitely good to choose a table that allows you and your other family members to all be together without feeling cramped. 

If you feel that most mornings start more abruptly than you'd like, the good news is you now know exactly how to create a space that will allow you to start your mornings in a much more pleasant way!

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